Will Baywatch Red be the Pantone Colour of the Year 2020?

Probably not Baywatch Red, but there are plenty of interesting candidates among the colour forecasts for next year. It may have passed you by, but Pantone recently released a new colour in honour of the 30th anniversary of silly TV classic Baywatch, a tone derived from the swimwear of Pammy and The Hoff known as Baywatch Red. A fun example of marketing, but it's usually only Pantone's proclamation of Colour of the Year which grabs the headlines, a big announcement that usually taking place som

How the hell did those deranged Habito animations make it to TV?

In time for Halloween, we discover how Rick and Morty and Itchy & Scratchy inspired Habito's ghoulish animations, in our best advertising campaign of 2019. Just three of the words to describe how I felt seeing an insensitive bunch of adverts on UK telly recently. Tentacles attacking women in their living rooms, piranhas eating a man alive in the kitchen; can you believe someone thought something like this video would be a good idea? The brand who messed up is mortgage startup Habito, and the g
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