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Vendors set out their AI stalls in 2023. Where were all the skills?

Vendor conferences are over for the year, with AWS re:Invent 2023 seeing out the season of big tech brands setting out their stalls with trademark glitz and glamor. As with any other year, the pattern was the same; if we set out an Excel spreadsheet of each conference and columns for check marks, we’d see the usual ticks for partnerships, product launches and AI (ad infinitum). Not so much on the checklist? Skills.

Would Albert Einstein see Salesforce as AI "dreamforce" for good?

Salesforce Dreamforce 2023 finished last week, and AI was the big theme of the company’s flagship event. This will come as no surprise for anyone who attended Salesforce’s World Tour London event in the summer, which came subtitled as “AI Day” with the expected chibi-style branding of Albert Einstein caricatures. Said subtitle was writ large to the extent the World Tour aspect was almost blink and you’ll miss it.

Sustainable cities for AWS is a billion-dollar business

ERP Today talks to AWS public sector head Jeff Kratz on the sustainable cities of our future. As AWS‘s CEO Adam Selipsky put it, and like many others have said before, “climate change is the issue of our generation”. A nice sentiment, but often followed by generally lackluster next steps and a polite politician chinwag. So, when Amazon announced a program to foster the growth of clean tech innovation in startups, it was a clear sign that Big Tech was ready to put some money and infrastructure w

Cost of living leads the conversation at AWS Summit London

The cavernous enclave of the ExCel London center may not seem the likeliest contender for a message regarding the UK’s cost-of-living crisis. The theme though was a key one at AWS London Summit, the hyperscaler’s biggest conference in the UK&I region. In a neat move away from focusing solely on the landscape for enterprise clients, keynote speakers such as Renee Hunt, CTO for Compare the Market, referred on the main stage to the current status quo facing customers – not enterprise ones as such,
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